Use behavior science to find issues earlier

Survature’s AnswerCloud™ provides a scientific process to ask powerful questions in a quick, easy, and user-friendly way—people love it!

The AnswerCloud™ captures “what people say” and “how they say it” by using a novel digital engagement model to get deeper data about their interaction behavior.

One dimensional results

Conventional surveys don’t show the whole picture

Conventional surveys have a data quality problem. They cannot reveal which issues are key issues. Why? They are limited to one dimension.

How do you decide which “poor performer” is the key to fix?

Survature's two dimensional results

You need a robust second dimension—priority

Survature‘s behavior-enabled analytics provide a two-dimensional view of the situation, making it easy to pinpoint what matters most.

Survature provides this second dimension, priority, by capturing your respondents‘ top-down attention. What is top-down attention? The theory of top-down attention states that the first things people attend to are those that are the most relevant or important to them at the moment.

We have combined research expertise of psychology, design, and computer science to create this powerful instrument. The new prioritized perspective provides clarity that cuts through the noise about where to invest next.

Survature's behavior science instrument helps you ask powerful questions based on the latest advances from management and social sciences.

Use these leading-edge, ready-to-use templates to see how you can add prioritization and precision into your decision making process.

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