Survature combines latest advancements in
psychology, interface design and AI.


The fastest path to authentic
answers is to observe behavior.

Observing unfiltered and uninhibited behavior is the key to understanding how people think. Beyond simply recording answers, Survature observes how people behave with what looks like a fast and user friendly survey. The combination of data and psychology delivers more dimensionality in the understanding of what drives choices by human and human organizations. More dimensionality means precision, depth, and clarity when you formulate plans to impact future results.

Interface Design

Get far more answers
in far less time.

In today’s digitally driven world, to have a firm foundation of user engagement requires a pleasant and purposeful experience. This need is driving advancements in digital interface design. Besides aesthetics, ease of use, functional clarity, etc., the core is to have true empathy and philosophically embrace the drive to humanize user experience. We’ve taken those advancements and redesigned the environment to collect digital input from authentic human beings. You won't believe how empathy can change the kind of data you can get.

Artificial Intelligence

Harness data to separate true
change factors from noise.

Human psychology is complex and hard to ascertain, but knowing the psychology can really help leaders anticipate and plan for the future. Chief among the human complexities are constructs like the hierarchy of needs, sense of risks, and perception of constraints. These concepts require advanced tools to measure accurately. Survature uses machine learning to automate the required pipeline. You get intuitive and powerful storytelling visualizations, from which you can see an all new information space that links intrinsic psychology with the extrinsic real world.

Survature unifies all of this into one instrument—
introducing The AnswerCloud

Survature’s AnswerCloud™ provides a scientific process to ask powerful questions in a quick, easy, and user-friendly way—people love it!

The AnswerCloud™ captures “what people say” and “how they say it” by using a novel digital engagement model to get deeper data about their interaction behavior.

One-dimensional data

Conventional surveys don’t show the real picture

Conventional surveys are superficial. They cannot reveal which issues are the key issues. Why? They are limited to one dimension.

How do you decide which “poor performer” is the key to fix?

Two-dimensional data

The psychology dimension gives you visibility into the future

Survature provides a two-dimensional view that links intrinsic psychology with the real world. You'll see what drives decisions by organizations and people. You see what matters most.

The AnswerCloud provides the psychology dimension by capturing your respondents' top-down attention. The related cognitive theory states that the first things people attend to are those that are the most relevant or important to them at the moment.

Better yet, this all new two-dimensional information space enables deep, fully automated analysis which creates concise and distilled data products, like our Action Priorities Grid (APG) and Complete Profile Report (CPR), in real time.

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Ask big questions and discover actionable insights using Survature’s all-new survey platform that increases participation and reveals participant priorities with scientific precision based on a plethora of new discoveries in management and social sciences.

Business & Product Innovation

Accelerate the innovation process and reduce risks by finding critical information earlier.

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Execution & Alignment

Diagnose mis-alignments that hamper your company’s growth, profitability, and sustainability.

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Marketing & Brand Loyalty

Why do people do what they do? Use psychology to answer this question with precision and efficiency.

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Workplace Engagement

See what matters most to your team and what they think of your company's culture and processes.

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Organizational Change

Use accurate information to help anchor positive changes in each organization's culture.

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Workplace Design

Add precision to workplace strategies by discovering how people work, what they need, and how they feel.

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Non-Profit & Public Service

Truly understand your community so that you can unite forces to drive positive change.

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Remote Work

Grasp what's on people's mind, even when you have lost contextual, face-to-face human interactions.

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Venue Management

Know what attendees think, why they came, and how you can get them to come again.

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Workplace Operation

Use dependable information of "how people feel" to optimize and build the most engaging workplace.

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