Determining the Employee Benefits that Matter Most

The best and smartest strategic moves are made when you have as much relevant knowledge as possible.


The Human Resources Director at a global manufacturing organization was having issues balancing the cost of benefits with employee need and preference. It was obvious to the Director that feedback was going to be needed. Previous attempts of using a traditional survey platform had yielded less than stellar results. The findings read that all the benefit options had a similar degree of value or importance to employees.

Mobile devices with AnswerClouds


Leadership adopted Survature as their data platform of choice for finding opinions, whether they be from employees, or from clients. Survature’s innovative survey experience enabled them to give brief, effective, and pervasive surveys that captured unique priority data. This new priority dimension shed light on previously murky areas where the typical survey findings all seemed too similar. This was invaluable to the HR Director as it helped identify areas where costs could be cut while making employees happier – all through the simple use of a three minute Survature survey.

I now have much better information to base decisions that help my employees while efficiently managing costs.


What HR found is exactly the reason you do data gathering. Out of the eleven benefits that employees provided opinions on, the items that Survature reported as their top priorities were their 401k plan, personal time off, and salary. This discovery flew in the face of the HR department’s assumption that medical and dental benefits, the most expensive to the company, were also the most important to employees.

Among the thirteen health benefits surveyed, the employees really only cared about a handful of them; deductibles, out-of-pocket medicine expense, cost of premiums, copays, and prescription cost.

Knowing what matters most to employees gave HR the latitude to refine the company’s benefit offerings in order to save money and keep their employees happy.