Answer Big Questions
with AI + Psychology

Survature is the first survey platform that does what a survey is meant to do—tell you what people truly think and why.

Advancements in psychology, interface design, and AI are unified in our unique AnswerCloud. Until you use it, you simply won’t believe the kind of data you are going to get.

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Survature is the smartest survey platform available, combining advancements in three key areas...

Social Psychology
The fastest path to authentic
answers is to observe behavior.
Interface Design
Get far more answers
in far less time.
Harness data to separate true
change factors from the noise.

...and delivers clear, powerful insights through automated data products.

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Helping leaders plan for the future

The decisions you make today must deliver results in the future. Be it growth strategy, product innovation, execution optimization, team alignment, etc.—success stems from an accurate understanding of humans and human organization. Knowing the psychology is a true advantage when you need to plan and build effective roadmaps.

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Our Secret—The AnswerCloud

Our unique platform instantly captures respondents interactions through an online survey and gives meaning to their priorities, opinions and perceptions—all in real-time.

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What our customers say about Survature

Survature is a powerful tool that provides us with deep, actionable insights to make evidence-based decisions.
Victor Sanchez
LinkedIn, Director - Workplace Performance and Innovation
We use Survature cross-functionally for HR, Marketing, Sales and Operations, and get important insights to move us forward.
Holly Clarke
Astarte Medical, VP–Operations
Survature provides invaluable support and real-time customer feedback on a platform that is sophisticated yet easy to use.
Tim Meade
Milliken, Market Director
Using Survature, we can understand our customers’ needs on every project with unparalleled precision, ease, and flexibility.
Eric Bondy
Malibu Boats, VP of Sales

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Survature proudly works with Uber Survature proudly works with Milliken Survature proudly works with Cubic Survature proudly works with Malibu Boats Survature proudly works with National Park Service

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