Measuring the Effectiveness of Varying Marketing Channels

The historic Tennessee Theatre
uses Survature to determine the
most effective marketing


The marketing team at the Tennessee Theatre, a nationally-renowned
entertainment venue, believed in gathering feedback from their patrons. They
knew they needed feedback in order to determine the most effective marketing
methods for meeting their strategic goals of increasing ticket sales and
market penetration.


The Tennessee Theatre had tried various feedback systems and tools
but had difficulty with getting enough feedback and with making
sense of the results. This led to frustration with the limitations
of the survey tools and the results impeded their ability to
execute and meet their strategic goals.

Mobile Friendly Surveys


When it came time to evaluate the marketing effectiveness for each show, the
Tennessee Theatre decided to use Survature’s real‑time feedback platform,
which features an all‑new survey interface that increases participation and
captures the behavior of respondents while they take the survey. Analysis
of the behavior data added a whole new dimension to their insights,
the priorities of their customer base.

To see the two-dimensional space, customer priority together with
customer satisfaction, has helped them make better decisions, and meet
their strategic goals. All based on input from the patrons themselves.

View a demo of the Tennessee Theatre's survey.



Using Survature has paid off. The Tennessee Theatre is now a stickler for results analysis and has the priority based patron feedback to support their decision making.

They determined, surprisingly, that advertising is not a top priority for marketing shows to their customer base. Their own website, the performer’s website and their own email newsletter are much more effective.

In addition, they were able to use Survature’s cross-segmentation tool to compare first-time customers vs. repeat customers, giving them quantitative evidence that has refined how they use marketing channels to reach and speak to patron’s of varying experience with the theater.

Most of all, the team at the Tennessee Theatre found that using a feedback platform like Survature fit flexibly within their very hectic daily workflow, which they themselves call “one show at a time.” Having one easy to use system to support their whole workflow of feedback management helps them make decisions with more confidence, more quickly and address the needs of their patrons.

View example results from the Tennessee Theatre's survey.

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