Measuring Employee Engagement and Workplace Culture

Why does it have to feel like we need to boil the ocean just to make some improvements? How do we agree on which issues to prioritize?

The human resource team at a large, multi‑state health insurance provider believed in gathering feedback from their employees. They knew they needed feedback in order to determine the most appropriate processes, support and benefits to put in place in order to improve engagement and culture across the company.


The HR team had tried various feedback methodologies with HR consultants but were left with results that were often confusing or raised more questions than answers. This lead to frustration by how the limitations of the feedback tools and their results impeded their ability to execute and meet their strategic goals.

Mobile devices with AnswerClouds


After they found Survature, the HR team decided to use Survature so that they can collect and manage feedback themselves because the platform engages employees without needing survey incentives, and analyzes the behavior of respondents while they take the survey. This behavior analysis provided something they really need to know - what their employees value the most and what they truly worry about.

The findings are particularly important because how quickly their industry landscape is changing and how the whole company must respond together as a team.

We were able to stratify and segment results in a way that provided deep insights into the preferences and priorities of various groups, helping us allocate resources more effectively.


The HR team is a stickler for result analysis and has the prioritized action plan to show that their decision to manage feedback using Survature has paid off.

They determined that the top priorities with employees varied based on which office and region they were associated with. This allowed them to target changes in support and benefits that best met the needs of the individual locations.

They also discovered how priorities varied between new and long‑term employees. This was the critical insight that gave them direction on how to best tailor their company‑wide communication and employee development.

Most of all, the team has found that using a feedback platform that offers a complete workflow solution helps them execute their HR programs more efficiently. Having one integrated system that they can use in real‑time helps them make decisions with more confidence, more promptly to address emerging needs of their employees.