Product & Service Innovation

Innovation is about creating new solutions for problems that matter the most to the customer. It's a risky process. Are you solving a problem that is truly important to the customer? Is your pricing strategy aligned with the value proposition? How do you turn novelty into marketable differentiation? Survature uses behavior science to help you answer those critical questions.

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A new behavior—enabled digital instrument
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Psychology—enhanced result analytics

Innovation comes with many kinds of risks. Some reports 40% of new product launches fail. Some estimates are as high as 80%. Clearly, there is no easy success.

Be it an established multi-national company or a medical device startup in Series A/B/C/D, business innovation requires listening to the market, focusing on users and customers, and collaborating between engineering, sales, and marketing. However, data from different sources often conflict. Furthermore, exchanging subjective opinions and anecdotal experiences can only exacerbate biases and create even more risks. What's required for making high consequence decisions is data with reliability and clarity.

Survature is a behavior science tool designed for achieving reliability and clarity with efficiency. It is easy to deploy. Just like a survey, but the psychology-enabled diagnostic insights are automated and complete.

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Dimensions of Innovation

  • Idea Evaluation: Aspiration-Capability Alignment
    2 minutes
  • Idea Evaluation: Market Potential
    3 minutes
  • Early Stage: Customer Discovery & Confirmation
    3 minutes
  • Early Stage: Competitive Positioning
    4 minutes
  • Early Stage: Marketable Differentiation
    2 minutes
  • Mid Stage: Prioritized Prototype Iteration
    3 minutes
  • Mid Stage: Pricing, Sales, and Marketing Strategies
    5 minutes
  • Mid Stage: Initial Ownership Experience
    4 minutes
  • Commercialization: Sales Process Analysis
    4 minutes
  • Commercialization: Customer Success Strategy
    2 minutes
  • Commercialization: Priorities for Execution
    2 minutes
  • Growth: Total Ownership Experience
    3 minutes
  • Growth: Loyalty Program Design
    2 minutes
  • Growth: Premium Service
    2 minutes
  • Growth: Direct Online Sales
    2 minutes
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