Venue Management Surveys

Gather feedback and develop deep customer profiles for effective, lean management of your venues using Survature, an all-new survey platform that increases participation and reveals participant priorities.

Innovative “drag and drop” interface captures their priorities
User-friendly mobile experience

Getting feedback is crucial for theaters, cinemas, and stadiums. They not only need to better understand their patron base, they also need to foresee how to grow with their patron base — why the patrons love them so much, what they can learn to build a bigger audience, and how they can drive more foot traffic to their part of the town. Traditional survey technology pains their patrons so much that the “vast majority” of their fan base becomes the “silent majority”. When you don’t hear from them, how can you build up an understanding of them?

Survature has demonstrated a superior solution with the Tennessee Theatre, through over 110 different shows over the course of a whole year. Without using any survey incentives, Survature surveys achieved a sustained completion rate of 83%, and also revealed why people come to the theatre, how they hear about the shows, what they expect, and what experiences matter to them at the theater.

Survature is an all-new survey platform that increases participation and will reveal your patrons’s deeper sentiments, giving you the insights needed to set the stage for the most effective, lean and engaging way to manage your venue.

Venue Management Survey Examples

Typical one-dimensional survey results

One-dimensional survey results don't show the big picture

Survey results from traditional surveys only provide one-dimension of insight, making it impossible to differentiate between similarly grouped results. How do you decide which “poor performer” is the most important?

Survature’s two-dimensional survey results that reveal priority insight

Survature’s two-dimensional survey results provide priority insight

Survature’s unique, behavior-based analytics add a second, priority dimension to the results, making it easy to differentiate what matters most among similarly grouped results.

Revealing both the ratings and their priority offers clear evidence that cuts through any debate about where to focus attention for improvement.

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