Base Subscription Price

$850One user
per month
  • Unlimited psychology-enabled surveys
  • Unlimited explicit and implicit responses
  • Unlimited data integration
  • Easy and robust data collection
  • Easy and automated analytics

The depth and reliability of Survature's data reveal psychology and go beyond conventional survey results. Survature's design is based on core scientific discoveries that put user experience and empathy first.

Survature is the data science platform for customer psychology, team psychology, and community psychology

Survature helps you get trustworthy input from people, integrate rich contexts with ease, make sense of everything in minutes, create machine optimized assessment summaries, and use powerful storytelling visualizations to communicate key strategy decisions.

Trustworthy Input

  • See what people say AND how they say it
  • Use leading edge science-based instruments
  • Leverage proven models of digital engagement

the Full Picture

  • Integrate external data sources with ease
  • Go beyond opinions, dig into people's attitudes and motives
  • Separate true confirmations from careless & false ones

Powerful Insights

  • Use the world's best crosstab to explore data in minutes
  • Real-time Action Priorities Grid (APG)
  • Real-time Complete Profile Report (CPR)

Bring Data
Into Storytelling

  • Base strategies on dimension-augmented information
  • Use interactive visualizations that tell stories and build trust
  • Use interactivity to lead engaging strategy discussions

Be the Hub
of Strategy

  • Manage workspaces where multi-function teams converge
  • Turn actionable data into consensus & executable plans
  • Lead continuous improvements with focus and clarity

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Are the subscriptions monthly?

    Yes, our standard subscriptions are monthly. You can cancel or restart anytime to best fit with your project flow.

  • Do you offer discounts for multiple users?

    Yes, we offer discounted subscriptions for teams of users.

  • Do you offer discounts if we prepay?

    Yes, there is a 10% discount for users who prepay for 12 months.

  • Do you offer discounts for nonprofits and charities?

    Yes, we offer a 10% discount for qualifying organizations.

  • Do you provide free accounts?

    Paid subscribers may invite as many collaborators as they wish to view a workspace. Collaborators without a paid subscription have view-only access to the workspace.

  • Do you offer project based pricing?

    Yes, we offer project pricing. Estimates are based on the scope of the project. Please contact our sales team for details.

  • How much support time am I allowed each month?

    Single-user subscriptions include 1 hour per month of data science and user support. Additional support is available at $225/hr and requires pre-authorization by the subscribed user. Larger subscription packages may include additional support hours.