NPS Scores Just Reveal the Symptoms, Survature Helps You Find the Causes

The results were exactly what we needed! Everything went great yesterday.


The company had used Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys to track service quality on a quarterly basis. When their NPS scores trended sideways, they had difficulty developing strategic plans because existing survey methods, such as open-end questions, provided only sparse and ad hoc answers. Overall their results fell far short of what’s needed to support the development of a company-wide strategy.

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The company’s Director of Strategic Initiatives adopted Survature as their data platform for collecting and analyzing opinions. Survature’s unique survey experience enabled them to give brief, effective, and pervasive surveys that captured unique priority data. This new priority dimension shed light on previously murky areas where the typical survey findings all seemed too similar. This was invaluable to the Director of Strategic Initiatives as it helped identify areas that truly mattered to people.

The Action Priorities overview has been really helpful in delivering the NPS results to the team and we will definitely continue to use it going forward.


The Director was able to successfully lead the effort to develop improvement plans for 5 key departments. These departments support the rest of the company, regardless of geographic locations and functional areas. She discovered for each of these departments the top service requirements for each group of internal customers.

Some departments found the same set of priorities for all internal customers. For other departments, the priority set is small but varied from one customer group to another. Most importantly, she discovered that in almost all cases, the NPS promoters and detractors had the same set of priorities yet the satisfaction ratings of those items were significantly different.

This information confirmed where their strategic plans needed to focus in order to develop a business process that ensures high-quality service is delivered with significantly better consistency.