Remote Work

Remote work is tricky to implement especially during a pandemic. When you have lost contextual, face-to-face human interactions with your team, you need a grasp of what's on their minds, so that you can make remote workers more productive and continue team building.

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A new behavior—enabled digital instrument
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Psychology—enhanced result analytics

In a matter of months, COVID-19 grew from a relative novelty into a worldwide menace. Its widespread threat to public health has forced many of us into remote work, regardless of our location, profession, and responsibility. Remote work has become universal overnight.

Remote work has not caught on as a norm before because of several key issues. Most importantly, remote work hampers authentic, contextual human interactions that are so humanly-imperfect and yet so humanly-real.

Survature is a behavior science tool that can help you get a deep understanding of your team. It is easy to deploy. Just like a survey, but the psychology-enabled diagnostic insights are automated and complete.

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Dimensions of Remote Work

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