Marketing and Brand Loyalty

Marketing is under rapid change, be it customer needs, competing market forces, or internal job expectations. However, the big question of "Why people do what they do?" stays the same. Be more effective by having a psychology-level understanding of people.

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Psychology—enhanced result analytics

Marketing departments face increasing challenges and responsibilities from generating leads, accelerating sales cycle, increasing customer LTV, competitive positioning, brand management, and sales/marketing alignment.

There are many big questions to answer, and yet never enough resources. The goal of being strategic, informed, and effective is further complicated by the constant need for speed.

Thankfully, among the plethora of challenges that each looks unique on surface, the underlying big question is the same—"Why people do what they do?"

Unlike before, there is now an efficient tool that can help you answer this big question reliably. We've built Survature to help marketers better understand everyone. Our inventory lists the most popular needs marketers face today.

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Dimensions of Marketing

  • Strategy: Brand Perception & Competitive Positioning
    4 minutes
  • Strategy: Buyer Persona
    3 minutes
  • Strategy: Buyer Journey & Stakeholder Mapping
    4 minutes
  • Strategy: Buyer Risk/Concern Profiling
    2 minutes
  • Strategy: Market Segmentation, Pricing, and Marketing Reach
    5 minutes
  • Strategy: Market Acceptance Potential
    4 minutes
  • Strategy: Brand Equity
    4 minutes
  • Strategy: Brand Impression & Brand Loyalty
    2 minutes
  • Strategy: Total Brand Experience & Customer Engagement
    4 minutes
  • Strategy: Loyalty Program Design
    2 minutes
  • Operation: Marketing Channel Effectiveness
    2 minutes
  • Operation: Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
    2 minutes
  • Operation: Lead Qualification
    2 minutes
  • Operation: Sales Process Support
    3 minutes
  • Operation: Webinar Engagement
    2 minutes
  • Operation: Website Engagement
    3 minutes
  • Operation: Distributor Relationship
    4 minutes
  • Operation: Trade Show Effectiveness
    2 minutes
  • Operation: Direct Online Sales
    3 minutes
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