Employee engagement and satisfaction surveys

Build trust with employees and deliver actionable intelligence to management using Survature’s all-new survey platform that increases participation and reveals participant priorities.

Innovative “drag and drop” interface captures their priorities
User-friendly mobile experience

We’ve found that when human resources departments conduct long, 30-minute surveys every 18 months they are typically overwhelmed with pages of statistics. This makes it difficult to identify where truly critical gaps exist, and take action. In the eyes of your employees, the company loses credibility for not responding to their feedback.

With Survature's monthly 2-minute HR survey, HR can find issues and employees’ priorities quickly, allowing you to take action at a manageable scale, steadily improve the work environment, gain points with management, and earn the trust of your employees.

HR Survey Examples

Typical one-dimensional survey results

One-dimensional survey results don't show the big picture

Survey results from traditional surveys only provide one-dimension of insight, making it impossible to differentiate between similarly grouped results. How do you decide which “poor performer” is the most important?

Survature’s two-dimensional survey results that reveal priority insight

Survature’s two-dimensional survey results provide priority insight

Survature’s unique, behavior-based analytics add a second, priority dimension to the results, making it easy to differentiate what matters most among similarly grouped results.

Revealing both the ratings and their priority offers clear evidence that cuts through any debate about where to focus attention for improvement.

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